At the farm!

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve written again. Ben and I have been so busy this past week with prep work for today. We have officially moved our bed into our bedroom at the farm! We will keep a bed at my parents for going “home” on weekends and really cold nights though. It’s sort of like a “soft move”. (rather than a soft open) anyway, computer time and Internet time are sketch so I probably won’t blog much until we get kind of more settled. This is all happening so fast! It’s exciting but I’m nervous at the same time. It’s a big change! Most likely my loom will be coming out next but I don’t know when that is for sure.

I think part of the reason I’m still kind of on edge is because I hate moving. Especially when it’s a soft move. We’ve actually never really done it any other way but all three times I’ve hated it. I’d so much rather get it all moved in one day! But it can’t happen that way this time because the rest of the house isn’t done yet.

I will try to take pictures and post them when I’m able. That will most likely be on weekends.

I’m still recovering from my cold. I’m slowly getting better but my energy level is still not 100% and I’ve still got sniffles. Booooo!!

Please know I would love to update more but I just haven’t had time. I hope things will normalize to some extent soon.


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