Yup. Weaving.

Here are a few last pictures of table runners.

White and cream. Probably one of my favorite runners that I wove.

6 table runners. 1 warp.

Remember how I said I didn’t know what I was doing next? Well I went and figured it out. I don’t really know why I picked it, but I like my results!

I chose to weave a sample scarf using 5 end Huck Lace (I believe that’s the correct terminology) I wanted something loosey goosey after all this tight sett table runner none-sense. I chose to use the pima cotton my mama bought me for Christmas. Initially I thought I was going to try M’s and O’s today, but I changed my mind because I really like how it looks on 8 shafts and I didn’t want to be disappointed when my lowly 4 shafts couldn’t match up.

Anyway, I’m QUITE happy with Huck Lace. It turned out BEAUTIFULLY! 🙂 I’ve already finished the scarf but I’ll just post pictures from the “in progress” for now.

Oops. This one's kinda blurry. All sleyed and ready to thread.


Looove the texture!


I completely love how it turned out. I’m washing a sample right now to see how the fringe does and if it’ll fray and all that. Yes, I wove a sample. I’m quite proud. I never do that. Granted, I wove it after I’d already finished the whole scarf, but that’s okay, right? I’m washing it before I wash the scarf! It’s progress. Anyway, I’d like to experiment more with Huck. It’s an interesting structure. It reminds me of waffle weave and how it shrinks up when it’s taken off tension. I can’t wait to see how the sample feels once it’s washed and dried. Yay! Then maybe I’ll make a million of these scarves too; just like the table runners. haha. 🙂


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