#3 is done

Unfortunately, I wove table runner number three so quickly I forgot to take pictures. I was in a bit of a haze when I sat down at my loom today. I did all the annoying preliminary stuff yesterday (hem stitching, winding bobbins, weaving 1-2″ of the beginning) but I did most of the actual weaving today. It’s a lovely blue and white. (Victorian blue is what it’s called on Webs) I’m quite happy with how it turned out. 🙂

I started the white and yellow one this evening and it’s a bit of a challenge! I’m having difficulty seeing how many shots of the pattern I’ve done but that could also be due to being sleepy.

I started off today at the farm working on the house. I was supposed to be doing insulation for like the entire day but my electric staple gun (aka: Stanley) decided to quite working after only two little pieces got put up. So that was frustrating. I still managed to get SOME work done though. I finished screwing in the rest of the sheet rock on the ceiling of the bedroom and finished insulating the ceiling of the bedroom. Ben’s going to buy a replacement Stanley (So named because Stanley is the brand that makes it) tonight so I’ll be able to actually be useful when I’m out there the next time.

I must go for now. We’re makin’ hamburgers for dinner using our own grass fed beef. 🙂 I bought baby bella mushrooms and swiss cheese so we can make mushroom swiss burgers. MMMM!!



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