Blast from the past: Bargin shopping at the Re-Store

Ben and I went to the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store today looking for a door for our bedroom in the cottage as well as a stainless steel sink and anything else that may have come up whilst we were in there.

We walk in and I notice there are a lot of cabinet sets…I start to think, “…Those look really familiar…But where would I have seen them?” As we continued looking around, I discovered that most of the doors, cabinet sets, sinks and a few other things were familiar for a reason: they all came from Tech Village!! It was kind of a “tripsy” (as Timmy would say) experience.

Here’s the funny part though: We ended up buying 3 Tech Village doors and a sink. Here’s why: every single door is SOLID wood. Not laminate, not Masonite, wood. Solid wood. You should also probably know that crappy pine doors at Lowe’s are somewhere around $100-180 bucks for a really thin, crappy pine door that looks like most doors. Our nice, solid, heavy-weight sturdy doors cost us $20 bucks each. And the stainless steel sink that we also got (Which are at least $100+ at Lowe’s) was also only $20 bucks. So three solid wood doors and a stainless steel sink for $80 bucks? Pretty good deal. I’m pretty happy about it.

And the stupid sentimental side of me likes having something from our first “house” as a couple. Yup. I’m a dork and I don’t care. It’s pretty funny though. 🙂

Did I mention that Ben got to install more windows in the house yesterday? We agreed that the kitchen was too dark so we bought another window from Ben’s uncle (who has a window business) and Ben put it in yesterday. He also raised up an already installed window in the kitchen because it was too low to allow for counter tops to go under it. And then he put the window in what will be the “Spare ‘Oom” (Spare ‘Oom, from Narnia. 🙂 ). So now our little house has lots of natural light. As much as we’re able to get with the south side being right next to another building. I still want to someday have doors in there and create like a breezeway between what will be our two workshops eventually. 🙂 I love weird little nooks in houses like that. It’s actually pretty cool, where the roof lines of the buildings meet there is a “passage” that’s about 4-5 feet wide. (give or take a little) Anyway, I have all these plans in my head for it.

Ben was so cute he asked me yesterday if I was going to have window boxes with plants in them. 🙂 Well YEAH! I’ve ALWAYS wanted window boxes. So now I have that to look forward to as well. 🙂

Anyway, I just wanted to share our strange and interesting trip to the Re-Store. I shall be going back to the loom soon to finish more table runners. Yay!


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