I forget…what was I gonna post?

Okay. I actually had to look back to see what I was going to post pictures of. haaaa….I still don’t have a picture of the boucle scarf. So I get to keep you waiting for longer. HA! 😀 Here are some pictures of the beginnings of the first table runner.

I’m actually a little over halfway done with the first table runner. I’m planning on finishing that up today, hopefully. I’m loving how it looks so far though. The 10/2 cotton is a much more appropriate sized yarn for this project and the 5/2 cotton creates a lovely ratio. It’s probably still a bit “squished” but it’s better than it was before. I can’t wait to start the next one. The white warp really makes the color pop which is exactly what I was hoping for! Yay! It only took me 7 other table runners and a pillow to get it right. Blerg. haha.

On a completely unrelated note, I’m making good progress through the Fellowship of the Ring. I’m about 1/4-1/3 of the way through it which is impressive for me. I’m an incredibly slow reader. Seriously. But it’s all good. I still enjoy what I read. The LOTR books are exceptionally difficult though because when I come to a song (which there are a lot of in the first one) I have to make up a tune for it. And then I have to test it and see if the tune fits the rhythm. And THEN I can read the song and get past it. It’s…ridiculous. But I can’t really help it. Sometimes I can get past it and just read it as a poem, but it’s hard to do when he tells you it’s a song.

Wow. Tangent. ANYWAY. I’m not sure what I’ll weave next. Did I make a list? I’ve made like a million lists…I should probably make another one and actually try to stick to it. Perhaps I should try the double weave pocket scarves I’ve been planning in my head for MONTHS. We’ll see. It’ll be a surprise.


4 thoughts on “I forget…what was I gonna post?

  1. Ooooohmygosh. I love this 1000x. So pretty, JoAnna! And I love yer pictures, too. Good job on LOTR! I got stalled in that thing and never finished, probably around where you are. Not to be a debbie downer or anything.

    • Thanks!!! 🙂
      Yep. I’m at the part with Tom Bombadil. Strange coincidence: Did you know Nickel Creek has a song called In the House of Tom Bombadil? Crazy. I’m not really sure if they’re related or how they are… Nah, you’re not gonna “debbie downer” me into not reading. 🙂 I’m determined!! haha

    • Thanks! Yep. It’s still the same pattern. I figured if I’m gonna spend 8 hours dressing the loom I’d better get my time’s worth out of the threading! 🙂

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