Crafting all day

Okay, i know you want pictures. I promise to try to post them tomorrow but I’m plum tuckered out and can’t get to my lappy right now.

I spent the morning (8:00am-12:45pm) working on my loom. It’s tied on, wound on the back beam and has the hem stitch done and one inch woven. I am all set to get those suckers OFF MY LOOM. I have to admit though, they’re going to look beautiful. I think 10/2 cotton is a more appropriate gauge for these and the white as the warp really makes the color pop out. I’m stoked.

I finished the lovely boucle scarf that I started the other day. The entire process from warping board to being done with weaving took 3.5 hours. It’s gorgeous. Seriously. It reminds me of vines. Phew. Lovely.

The only reason why I didn’t actually weave up a table runner today was that I took the evening to make my brother a hat. I gave him one for Christmas but as felting is often unpredictable, the size wasn’t exactly right. So since I was making him another one, I asked him to pick the colors he wanted. I’m my gonna lie, I was concerned at first. But it turned out looking SO awesome. I love it. I’ll felt it tomorrow. Hopefully this one will fit him a bit better. 🙂

Well like I say before, I’m quite tired so I think I’ll stop for now. Hopefully I’ll be able to get pictures up tomorrow.


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