It’s been a really busy week. First of all, as most people are aware, we have a lot of snow around here! something like 5 inches at my parents house (aka my house) and something like 8-10 inches (no lie) at the farm!

Ben and I went to the farm on Tuesday morning to work on the house for the day and ended up getting stranded there overnight because the road conditions were bad and we didn’t want to risk wrecking. Also it was late to be leaving anyway.

Since we were there in the morning on Wednesday, we stayed and worked on the house more until about 3pm. If only I hadn’t forgotten to bring my camera with me on Tuesday morning!! 😦 So no new pictures of progress. I will say that we are doing quite well though. We have almost all the ceiling joists put up so the next step is insulating and sheet rocking the ceiling. And finishing up insulating/sheet rocking the walls. Once all that is done, we have to tape and mud the sheet rock. The plan is to finish the bedroom “completely” and then move our bed out there so we have the option to stay overnight when we want to or need to. When I say “completely” I mean minus paint and flooring. The floor is concrete so at first we’ll just have area rugs, most likely.

Ben and I are both completely exhausted. He has a cold (which happens like once a year) so he’s a bit more wiped out than I am. We’re taking today off and then going back out tomorrow to work on the house again.

I’m trying to get some weaving in while I’m at home today. I’m happy to be getting things done at the house, but at the same time I want to be at home weaving. Pretty much when the bedroom’s finished, the bed and the loom are going to the farm. The end. πŸ™‚

I finally got to finish up the blue table runner warp. I’m just about to switch it over to the dryer so I’ll take pictures when it comes out and I’ve ironed it and all. I’m planning on starting to tie on the new warp later today.

And the “time card” concept seems to be working well for me. πŸ™‚ Yay! I’ll actually know if what I’m charging for my stuff is accurate. I’m going for now. I’ll try to post again later after I’ve taken a few pictures. Sorry I’ve been so pictureless lately.


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