A quote

I came across this while reading a blog today. A quote by Anni Albers:

“All progress, so it seems, is coupled to regression elsewhere. We have advanced in general, for instance, in regard to verbal articulation – the reading and writing public of today is enormous. But we certainly have grown increasingly insensitive in our perception to touch, the tactile sense.

No wonder a faculty that is so largely unemployed in our daily plodding and bustling is degenerating. Our materials come to us already ground and chipped and crushed and powdered and mixed and sliced, so that only the finale in the long sequence of operations from matter to product is left to us: we merely toast the bread.

No need to get our hands into the dough. No need – alas, also little chance – to handle materials, to test their consistency, their density, their lightness, their smoothness. No need for us, either, to make our implements, to shape our pots or fashion our knives. […]

Modern industry saves us endless labour and drudgery; but, Janus-faced it also bars us from taking part in the forming of materials and leaves idle our sense of touch and with it the formative faculties that are stimulated by it.

We touch things to assure ourselves of reality. We touch the objects of our love. We touch the things we form. Our tactile experiences are elemental. If we reduce their range, as we do when we reduce the necessity to form things ourselves, we grow lopsided.” –Anni Albers, “On Weaving”.
If you’re not familiar with Anni Albers, she was a weaver (I think the instructor? You can Wiki her and see if I’m right) during the Bauhaus movement. I love the philosophy of Bauhaus. Well…Elements of it. “Form follows function.” Therefore, first you establish the function of the object and then you decide on what form it will take. Bauhaus was all about functional art everything was about function. I’m incredibly drawn to this idea. I’m addicted to making functional art. It’s difficult for me to create conceptual pieces although I do enjoy it for a nice change.

Anyway, I loved this quote because I am quite a tactile person. That’s what drew me to fibers in the first place. I’ve always loved the feel of fabric and just fabric in general. 🙂 I love what fabric can do and how fibers is such a broad field. It’s impossible to go for a day without encountering some form of fiber which I absolutely love. And yes, I’m also a huge nerd. But I don’t care. 🙂 Nerdiness makes me happy.


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