Busy all week

Phew it’s been a busy week! I’ve been at the farm nearly everyday working on either the house or the extension on the animal barn. It’s been an icky week. Really muddy and just unpleasant. Yesterday was busy too. I was at the farm for half the day and then I drove my mother-in-law and brother-in-law to Nashville for Byron’s pre-surgery appointment.

Byron has a heart condition called Wolf-Parkinson-White (WPW). It basically means that there is an extra passage in his heart that conducts when it shouldn’t. It causes tachycardia (heart racing) and is actually a fairly common condition. Anyway, he’s having ablation surgery Monday afternoon (right around noon) to eliminate the passage. It’s a fairly low-risk surgery, but it’s still scary.

It’s not open heart. They will insert a cath in his leg and his neck and go through the veins to the heart. They will likely use radio waves to “fry” or “zap” the extra passage. Depending on where it is, they may have to freeze it, but that is far less common. Anyway, so that was yesterday. I was SO tired from spending the entire day driving. Driving up to Spencer, from Spencer to Nashville and back, hitting rush hour traffic on the way back from Nashville. BLERG.

So this morning we woke up to SNOW on the ground and still falling. 🙂 It was quite pleasant and it only got more pleasant when Ben and I agreed that we’d take a day off from going to the farm (because of the potential risk in driving all the way up there) and how CRAPPY it is to work outdoors in snowy weather. Anyway, we didn’t do much today at all. I didn’t end up working on weaving at all today. But it was relaxing and restful which was much needed.

I am soooo excited about all my new yarn though. 🙂 I got several pounds of carpet warp because they were on super sale. $5 dollars for a pound. Sweet deal! The 10/2 cotton was on sale too at the time which was good because I calculated that I need like two whole pounds for the rest of the table runners. (4200 yards for just the warp. I usually predict about the same for the weft, although realistically it’ll probably be less)

As always, I ordered several more pounds of 6 ply rayon. I try to throw a few pounds in every time I order from Webs (although I think it’s either mostly gone or all gone now) because it gets discounted and ends up being like $3.20 a pound. Good deal. And it’s like my favorite yarn for scarves. I need to just do a bunch of natural colored ones. I just like color so much that I always want to add color to everything. haha.

I keep hoping everything is going to go back to normal but it doesn’t seem to be. I suppose I’ll just have to readjust and figure out a new schedule. I think things will become slightly more normal once Ben’s grandpa is back on his feet and back at work. Well I’m done for now.


2 thoughts on “Busy all week

    • It is scary. He’s been so sweet, trying to tell us he’s fine but his blood pressure would suggest otherwise. It was 160 over 68 when the nurse took it at his appointment. 😦 he calmed down by the second time she took it but still. It’s scary. Thank you for your prayers, sweet friend.

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