Weaving, reading, working, waiting

Still weaving table runners. I’m attempting the second one on the blue warp today. hopefully I’ll be able to keep the selvage yarns from breaking this time. If I finish up this warp today, I can be ready for when my Webs order comes tomorrow!! 🙂 Hopefully I’ll be able to get another warp wound off and started tying on without too much difficulty. I just have to keep pushing myself. I get bored tying back on. Especially with a 600 end warp! Bleh.

I started reading The Fellowship of the Ring a couple of days ago. I don’t make a lot of time to read because I usually have a million other things I want to do, but so far it’s going well. I think my reading comprehension has improved since the last time I read it. Which may be due to several literature classes, one of which was Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. I had to read quite a bit in middle English. BLECH!  That was not fun. I pretty much failed the first few quizzes because I didn’t understand what had happened. Anyway, I’m looking forward to it more this time than I did last time. FYI: I have crappy reading comprehension. I’m an auditory learner!! Give me a break! 😉

Ben and I made more progress on the cottage yesterday. We sheet rocked the rest of the bedroom and one wall of what will be the “Spare ‘Oom” (as we call it. Spare Room, aka Kids Room. But who knows when that’ll happen) We’re trying to decide which “zone” to work on next. Bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc. I think we decided on the living room for now because it doesn’t involve plumbing or really electric right now. Once that’s done we’ll have to start on one of the more complicated rooms (Kitchen or bathroom). We’ll have to start making decisions about cabinets, sinks, counter tops, the whole deal. Although we have some pretty cool ideas for all that. We just bought a concrete mixer and Ben is really excited to try concrete counter tops. If you’re not familiar with them, google it because they’re really cool. They look quite like granite or stone. They’re very smooth and pretty strong. Cracking sometimes happens, but they’re easy enough to repair from my understanding.

STILL WAITING ON YARN!!! I can’t wait! I’m also waiting on…myself to finish these table runners to I can get other projects on my loom. Oh how I WISH I had a second loom!!! Then I could be weaving scarves and table runners at the same time. *sigh* maybe someday when I have a studio…


2 thoughts on “Weaving, reading, working, waiting

  1. JoAnna, good luck finishing that table runner! So, is this your last one to weave? Or are you going to weave more with your new yarn? You might have said this. I’m forgetful. Oh I’m so excited about you getting your cottage up and running! So exciting. I think concrete looks really nice when its treated nicely – like stained concrete floors. I like those. Good job reading the LOTR series! You can do it! I have the faith. Hope yours selvedges don’t break today! ❤ PS. I'll write back to you today!

    • I am going to weave 5 more table runners with the new yarn. Eek. But they’ll all be on one warp so there will be less tying on and stuff. It’ll probably take me a little longer to weave them since the yarn is a bit smaller. Right now it takes about 3-4 hours to weave one. At least I don’t have to twist anymore fringe. I learned my lesson with Arthur and Lauren’s table runner. haha

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