Ode to Table Runners

Oh table runners.
I am SO tired of weaving you.
But I am trying to build up my inventory and you are what’s currently on my loom.
It seems a waste to cut you off without having gotten my 8 hours of time…worth…out of you so there you sit; waiting to be woven.
2-3 more on this warp another warp of 5 coming soon.
By the end of this ridiculous saga, I will have made 12 of you.
I’m ready to be done. Oh so ready.
But alas.
Webs has not shipped my yarn and I cannot begin winding off the final warp. In the meantime, I may be forced to use another loom to weave other projects.
This would be unfortunate since I love Mac so much.
But seeing as how you have a powerful grip on him at the moment, I shall relinquish him to you for a time until I need him.
Then your hold will be broken and I shall again conquer the many pounds of yarn that overtake the space around my loom.
Soon, soon I shall return to silk, tencel and rayon as the beginning of the scarf reign shall take place.


2 thoughts on “Ode to Table Runners

    • They DO equal death. I’m SO READY TO BE DONE! Mostly because this blue warp I put on is being SUPER annoying. I’m hoping I’ll enjoy the next warp more. It’ll be white 10/2 cotton with different colors of 5/2 cotton in the weft. I’m planning for 5 on that warp. Eeek.

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