House-y House

More pictures from our cottage. 🙂 We are nearly done with the insulation in the bedroom. We started the ceiling insulation which is prickl-y and annoying, but it’s good to be getting it up!

We also worked on closing the last wall in and Ben cut the frame for the front door. I can’t wait to see how it looks! I’m not sure if we’re actually going to put the door in right away because it has a large plate of glass in it and we’re both afraid of it getting broken. It’s a really nice door though. 🙂

Oh yeah, some of the pictures are of Ben putting the plastic sheeting on the ceiling. This is used for two reasons: One reason is to hold the insulation up when the sheet rock isn’t there yet and the second reason is because it helps to keep the heat in better in the winter. Ben’s extended family (on his dad’s side) is from the bitter land of Northdom. In other words, they’re yankees. His uncle suggested the plastic and said they used it in several houses they had in New York (state. Not NYC) So that’s good….:D

Hopefully we’ll be able to finish sheet rocking/insulating the bedroom and get the wall closed in soon!! That will be really exciting.

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