Death to the blue yarn!

Okay. I LOVE the color of this blue cotton that I’m making the table runner out of, but I HATE the yarn. It’s HORRIBLE. The selvages are breaking about every 2 inches. I started throwing lighter and loosened the tension some and it hasn’t broken again yet. I’m one repeat away from being done with the first runner on the warp. If I decide to weave the second one, it might be the death of me…I HATE having to fix selvage yarns.

Granted, I did get the yarn for like 3 dollars (For like 2-3 pounds) from the guy I bought my loom from and it had been sitting in his barn (in a bag, but still) for several months. I think it’s old anyway though which is what’s causing it to be so brittle.

I cannot WAIT for my nice, new yarn to get here from Webs! Although they STILL haven’t sent me my shipping confirmation/tracking number. I ordered it…5 days ago? I know there was the holiday and the weekend and they have that huge sale going on but still, I would think they would have gotten it out today. 😦 If I don’t get a confirmation email by tomorrow morning, I’m going to call them to make sure they didn’t forget. I really don’t want to have a bad experience with Webs like I did with Halcyon. 😦 That was miserable.

Anyway, I think I’m going to finish the last repeat and fringe, etc. and stop for the day. I don’t think I can handle weaving a whole other runner today. Too much!



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