I found a cowl I knitted near the beginning of last year. I’d completely forgotten about it because at the time I called it a failure. I knitted it quite a bit larger than what I normally do (larger in circumference). And I just didn’t think it hung right around the neck; until yesterday. It was COLD yesterday and I chose to wear the cowl thinking it would keep me warmer than a scarf. It didn’t at first until I decided to double it (as in wrap it around my neck/head twice). This worked SO much better! And it gave it a really unique and cool look. And it’s just plain ol’ knit stitch! Easy. So I’ve decided that if I ever have some time again, I’m going to knit a bunch of them. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Cowls

    • Oh cool! How are you gonna do it? Weave a tube or what? I hadn’t considered weaving them before…I’m a bit slow sometimes. 😉 Keep me updated!!

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