At the farm!

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve written again. Ben and I have been so busy this past week with prep work for today. We have officially moved our bed into our bedroom at the farm! We will keep a bed at my parents for going “home” on weekends and really cold nights though. It’s sort of like a “soft move”. (rather than a soft open) anyway, computer time and Internet time are sketch so I probably won’t blog much until we get kind of more settled. This is all happening so fast! It’s exciting but I’m nervous at the same time. It’s a big change! Most likely my loom will be coming out next but I don’t know when that is for sure.

I think part of the reason I’m still kind of on edge is because I hate moving. Especially when it’s a soft move. We’ve actually never really done it any other way but all three times I’ve hated it. I’d so much rather get it all moved in one day! But it can’t happen that way this time because the rest of the house isn’t done yet.

I will try to take pictures and post them when I’m able. That will most likely be on weekends.

I’m still recovering from my cold. I’m slowly getting better but my energy level is still not 100% and I’ve still got sniffles. Booooo!!

Please know I would love to update more but I just haven’t had time. I hope things will normalize to some extent soon.



I’m sleepy today. For some reason, my body decided to wake up at 4:30 this morning and NOT go back to sleep. I just kept thinking about stuff. I hate that. Anyway, I did finally manage to doze off like 10 minutes before the alarm went off. Jerk.

So due to my lack of good sleep, I haven’t gotten as much done as I wanted today. I couldn’t get any motivation to do anything before about 9:45. I just sat in front of the computer. Well and I ironed the remaining table runners and combed out the fringe.

I did manage to wind off warp for another 3 pima cotton scarves. 🙂 I love it SO much. It’s so wonderfully thick and rich and delicious. (Nope. Not describing food. haha) I want everything in my world to be made out of that stuff.

Also, I FINALLY ran today!! I’m so proud. And I did a full mile plus crunches and leg lifts. Not bad for not having worked out in a month. I’m pretty sure I’ll be dead tomorrow…

I’m making chili for dinner tonight. I’m purdy excited about that too. I haven’t made chili for a while; not at all this winter. Ben requested it and I am happy to oblige. He’ll need it when he gets home from working out in the cold. I could go for chili or potato soup. Mmmmm. That sounds good too.

Anyway I’m not sure what else will happen today. I may try to get the scarf warp on the loom, but I don’t feel like tying 110 knots right now. At least it’s not 600. Gotta look at the bright side.

Yup. Weaving.

Here are a few last pictures of table runners.

White and cream. Probably one of my favorite runners that I wove.

6 table runners. 1 warp.

Remember how I said I didn’t know what I was doing next? Well I went and figured it out. I don’t really know why I picked it, but I like my results!

I chose to weave a sample scarf using 5 end Huck Lace (I believe that’s the correct terminology) I wanted something loosey goosey after all this tight sett table runner none-sense. I chose to use the pima cotton my mama bought me for Christmas. Initially I thought I was going to try M’s and O’s today, but I changed my mind because I really like how it looks on 8 shafts and I didn’t want to be disappointed when my lowly 4 shafts couldn’t match up.

Anyway, I’m QUITE happy with Huck Lace. It turned out BEAUTIFULLY! 🙂 I’ve already finished the scarf but I’ll just post pictures from the “in progress” for now.

Oops. This one's kinda blurry. All sleyed and ready to thread.


Looove the texture!


I completely love how it turned out. I’m washing a sample right now to see how the fringe does and if it’ll fray and all that. Yes, I wove a sample. I’m quite proud. I never do that. Granted, I wove it after I’d already finished the whole scarf, but that’s okay, right? I’m washing it before I wash the scarf! It’s progress. Anyway, I’d like to experiment more with Huck. It’s an interesting structure. It reminds me of waffle weave and how it shrinks up when it’s taken off tension. I can’t wait to see how the sample feels once it’s washed and dried. Yay! Then maybe I’ll make a million of these scarves too; just like the table runners. haha. 🙂

More cottage progress pictures


Time sheets! …and general update.

I’ve been doing pretty well with keeping up with my time sheet but then Ben recommended that I check my iPod Touch for a time tracker app. (Ummm…why didn’t I think of that?!) Anyway, it took me about 40 minutes to find one that I liked but having downloaded and deleted something like 10 different apps (I only “buy” free ones. Oh I’m SO cheap…) I found that I like TimeSheets2Go (lite) the best. It’s really simple to use and I can choose to either use a stop watch where you just click start and stop or I can manually enter the time that I start and end.

Once you pick the way you want to log you time, you log it under a task that you create. So I can create a task like “Winding off warp” and then log time under that task. It’s a lot simpler than some of the other apps and it doesn’t involve trying to make a business geared app into a self employed app. There were quite a few that make you enter a client and a project and then a task which would be convenient for custom work, but trying to figure out where I put what was confusing and the interface was too complicated. I like to keep things simple and straightforward that way I don’t get confused and frustrated when I have one simple goal in mind. 🙂

I think I have a mild version of “the sickness”. Ben and mom had it and then gave it to dad. My sister and I have remained mostly healthy but I think I might have caught it. It’s not full blown horrible so I’ve been able to mostly keep doing things but mostly it just leaves me exhausted. That and working at the farm.

Yesterday Ben and I worked on the cottage for a while. Molly (sis-in-law) and I finished almost all the insulation in the ceiling! We had two minor mishaps which could have resulted in either death or many broken bones but we’re both okay. As we were scooting across the joists in the ceiling to get over to the kitchen (entry into the attic right now happens at the middle of the house, we had to get to the edge of the house) one of the joists gave out and shifted, scaring the ever-living SHIT out of both of us. (Pardon my French) Once we managed to get over to the kitchen area, Molly had another scare. She was so nervous at this point, she accidentally snapped the staples on the plastic in one spot. 😦 I felt SOO bad!! I was the one that had asked her to come up there and help me. Anyway, I told her to just get down for a while and calm down. She did end up coming back up and helping me finish up. I was so proud of her for getting back up there. 🙂 Even after something really scary happened, she was tough enough to get back up there and finish the job. Not bad for a 13 year old! There are plenty of people my age and older that I know that wouldn’t have come back at all! (Or even gone up there in the first place)

Ben also installed our front door yesterday. 🙂 I’m SO excited! It looks good. (Pictures to follow) It made it feel like it’s a real house. We also threw up 4 sheets of sheet rock yesterday which is more good progress. 🙂

Ben and I worked with his dad on their barn extension for the afternoon yesterday. We were working on the purlins for the roof. (Purlins = horizontal boards that lay across the rafters. They are what you screw the roofing panels to…I so wish I could draw that out…) We managed to get all of the purlins up yesterday which is quite a feat. I was gopher for the day and Ben and his dad climbed around on the rafters. I brought them 2×6’s as they needed them and tools. I also caught things that they dropped and handed them back up to them. Lemme tell ya, pressure treated wood gets REALLY heavy after it freezes. It’s HORRIBLE. I took the tractor down to the wood pile to pick up more 2×6’s and I could barely lift the 16 footers. The 12’s weren’t too bad, but they were still quite heavy when frozen. I think what happens is the PT wood has a lot of moisture in it because the treatment they use is liquid of some kind. (That’s why it always feels wet when you buy it at the hardware store…It’s the weird, green looking stuff. It’s used for decks and playgrounds, etc.) Anyway, the weather gets cold, it snows, the liquid in the boards freezes making it SUPER heavy. Annoying. But it’s ready to be roofed now. Yay!! Very soon the goaties will have more shelter from weather during the day and more space at night.

I need to be working on something to weave…I’m not sure what I’m doing next, but I know it does NOT involve overshot. haha. 🙂 Possibly boucle scarves…

What next?

I have so many ideas I want to try but I may end up still using the same overshot pattern for a while. We’ll see. I’d like to weave some scarves up using that pattern perhaps. This idea just doesn’t sound very appealing right now because I’ve had the same warp on my loom for two months. Bleh. We’ll see.

I did begin the preliminary calculations of double weave pocket scarves and I think I may have figured out what I’ve been doing wrong. I think I’ve been miscalculating the shrinkage and take-up. Those should be calculated into the woven length not the length of the warp. It doesn’t do any good to just add extra to the warp number if you don’t change the length of the piece being woven.

So let’s say I want a scarf that is 72″ long (finished length). In order to get that (and depending on the fiber being used) I would weave a scarf 80″ long because shrinkage is usually about 10ish%. But I can’t just weave a scarf 72″ long and then add 8 inches to the warp and expect the scarf to not shrink. Anyway I think that’s the problem. The main thing is I need to calculate for loom waste properly. It’s different for tying on. Normally I’d figure about 25-28 inches of loom waste because the back apron can only go so far. But with tying on it’s different I’ve had as little as 12″ of waste before (front and back) Anyway, I’m going to try to be more diligent about making sure  my calculations are correct.

Also, I need to find a faster way of twisting fringe….

All. Done.

I’m FINALLY done with all the table runners! There ended up being enough warp left on the white warp for a 6th table runner. I was actually pretty happy about that because after the 4th one, I had two more weft colors I wanted to use. This way I got to use both instead of having to pick just one.

I am pretty worn out. I wove from 8am to 4pm straight without taking a break. Two and a half table runners in one day. I was completely determined to finish TODAY. 🙂 I don’t really want to deal with washing them and all that right now so I’m just gonna chill for a while.

I bought a replacement Stanley staple gun today. Two actually. I bought an actual Stanley brand one and an Arrow brand one. We decided maybe we should try the Arrow and see if it works better than the Stanley since Stan was apparently made of crap and didn’t last long at all! I’m still not really sure why it stopped working…

Anyway, I’m still not sure what I’m doing next on my loom. I have all this lovely cotton yarn that needs to be used. And lots of ideas for how to use it. 🙂 Also I’m definitely gonna look through my old notebooks and figure out why the heck all my calculations keep getting screwed up. Bleh. haha.