Atlanta Part 2 – Ikea/Mellow Mushroom

We made a trip to Ikea as well. It was fun, as always. 🙂 I wish we could have stayed longer, but we had an appointment to meet with a luthier, a guitar-maker, so my brother could talk to him about the possibility of a custom guitar. I should have taken pictures at his house, but I didn’t want to make the guy uncomfortable. His name is Chris Barnett. I can’t currently find his website, but he’s based in Atlanta. He makes some pretty sweet guitars, but unfortunately, it’ll take him about a year and a half before he could have the guitar built. Boooo.

Here are a few more pictures.

This was one of the coolest Mellow Mushroom’s I’ve been too. I liked the whole industrial-esque design of the place. 🙂 And there’s a few random shots from the rest of the trip too.


3 thoughts on “Atlanta Part 2 – Ikea/Mellow Mushroom

  1. I loved these! And commented the shiz out of them! Hope that’s cool. How fun! I’m so glad ya’ll had a nontraditional Christmas. I LOVE Ikea. I just want to move in there. Did you eat any Swedish meatballs? I do when we go, because I think, “Where else am I going to eat Swedish meatballs?” And yuuuum mellow mushroom. They have good hummus. I love you, and I love your pictures, also.

    • I’m a failure at replying to comments. I usually check them on my iPod and forget to reply. We didn’t eat Swedish meatballs. We were going to go to the little cafe/cafeteria place, but we ran out of time because we had an appointment with this luthier guy. (Guitar-maker, fyi)

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