Atlanta Part 1 -Aquarium

What a trip! I feel like I need to recover from my vacation. haha. 🙂 But it was lots of fun! Here are some pictures from the Georgia Aquarium. We waited in line to get tickets for 45 minutes and then had to wait another 30 minutes to be let into the building. It was…ahem…Teeming with people. (BAHA!) Sorry if some of them are blurry. I’m just doing a blanket upload because I’m feelin’ lazy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks to Tara, I am able to upload all these pictures and it doesn’t take up as much space! (I figured out how to export/scale images with Picasa!!) Yay!!


One thought on “Atlanta Part 1 -Aquarium

  1. Good job! Oh they are so lovely. I love the aquarium. I especially liked the penguin and the beluga (I THINK!) whale. Oh, and the jellyfish! They are so magical. 🙂 I loved your pictures! How fun!

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