Still traveling

We are still out and about traveling with the fam, so I’m blogging from my iPod. I completely forgot to bring my camera upload cord so pictures will have to wait.

We’re in Atlanta! Today was spent by going to Costco (which may sound dumb but I was totally excited about it because it’s the only place we can find sundried tomatoes for a decent price. We bought 4 32oz jars. Heaven!!) anyway, from there we went to the Georgia Aquarium which was BEYOND crowded. But it was beautiful and I took a lot of pictures. I also decided I need a better camera. 😦

Side note: apparently there’s a room called the Ocean Ballroom and also apparently someone was getting married there today because we saw a bride and groom with a photographer walking around.

Anyway we were quite dead after the aquarium and starving so we went to The Mellow Mushroom. Ben and I love that place! It was my parents first time there but they enjoyed it. My brother, sister, Ben and I all got calzones. πŸ™‚ my fave.

We’re back at the hotel now and going to watch Knight and Day.

Tomorrow we’re going to a guitar store for my brother so he can look around and potentially find a new guitar.

Really all I want to do is be at home with all my new yarn!!! But it’s been a lot of fun so far. πŸ™‚ I definitely have lots of projects in mind. I have to start preparing for if I get in to the TACA fair! Gotta build up MORE inventory!! I may attempt to drag everyone to a yarn store before we leave. Traditionally at Christmas we make a detour on our way back from SC in Ashville, NC and mom and I get to go to Earthguild. Since that didn’t happen this year I may have to figure something else out… πŸ™‚ I shall post pictures when I’m back at home.


2 thoughts on “Still traveling

    • I have not applied for the TACA fair yet. I’m pretty much planning on not getting in because it’s really late to be applying. But I know there will be other shows and I’ll have a lot of inventory built up.

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