A few things

I finished making, buying and wrapping all my Christmas presents for people today.

I’m eating chicken Alfredo that I made with leftover chicken. The chicken had paula dean pineapple BBQ(?) sauce on it and I was afraid the two sauces would clash. They did not. They tasted wonderful together. Food makes me happy.

I accidentally made a Mike’s black cherry slush to go with dinner tonight. I put a Mike’s in the freezer to make sure it was cold when dinner was ready and it turned into a slushy. It was also wonderful. 🙂

I have been daydreaming about fruity candy canes which mom always puts in our stockings and which also happen to be my favorite. I get a little bored with peppermint after a while.

Molasses cookies are amazing and I love them.

I did not follow my traditional theme of choosing a single wrapping paper for each family member. Instead I used one of two papers and used different colored bows for each person.
Yes, I have themes. I’m a dork.

I am probably buying yarn for my Christmas present so I can make even more table runners.

Yarn Barn in Kansas has 8/2 cotton cheaper than anyone else. Why? I dunno. But they do. And they have a good color selection.

I love wrapping presents. Especially ones that have sturdy cardboard boxes.

Books are also fun to wrap.

Water is good.

My knee is all screwed up. What else is new?

I bought myself a Christmas present. I bought The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It was 3 dollars at B.A.M. Yup. Had to.

Our family is breaking with tradition this year and going to Florida for Christmas!! I’m kinda excited even though it’s not going to be over 70 the whole time.

I love road trips.

I’m going now.


2 thoughts on “A few things

  1. I love that you love wrapping presents 🙂 I used to… When
    I was little, I would wrap random things in newspaper just to wrap
    and open them. I think I started hating it when my mom made me do
    it en route to various parties. I HATE wrapping presents in the
    car. My mom and sister are wonderful gift wrappers. Now I prefer
    the challenge of wrapping without tape. It’s more fun that way.
    haha. Your dinner sounds DELICIOUS. I’m sorry your knee is messed
    up…. 😦 dislike! I’m happy your family is going to Florida for
    Christmas 🙂 I hope it is fun for you guys. YAY roadtrips!

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