More house update

Here’s a few pictures from working on the “cottage” this week. 🙂 We actually have more insulation and sheet rock up in the bathroom now, but I didn’t have my camera with me yesterday. :(At least you get to see the snow we got!! There was A LOT of it on the mountain. (Spencer is on the plateau) It was really pretty and all and I totally would have enjoyed it more if we weren’t working outside in it. Working outside in 16 degree weather is…Well…Cold. And challenging because if your hands are numb, it’s harder to do things. Also you have to wear gloves which impairs your dexterity and you have to wear a lot of layers which impairs your movement. Everything just takes more energy.

I think I was wearing…Two pairs of socks with Gore-Tex hiking boots over them, three layers of pants: Under Armour, sweatpants and jeans, three shirts: Under Armour (again), a t shirt and a thermal shirt over that, a hoodie, a two layer ski jacket (liner and shell), a wool hat and a scarf. It takes like 10 full minutes to get completely dressed in the morning. The pile of clothes that I wore took up probably half the surface area of our double bed. *lol* And only my toes and fingers got cold the whole day. Oh and my nose. My poor nose was running endlessly which is really annoying. haha. Anyway here are some pictures:

Like I said, we have more walls insulated and sheet rocked at this point but I didn’t have my camera. It was MUCH warmer yesterday which was better for working outside. Although it was rainy which was BAD for working outside. I’ll probably be out there again tomorrow.

Oh also another baby goat was born a few days ago. We weren’t sure she was going to make it at first because she was born on the COLDEST day we’ve had so far. I think it was maybe…6 or 7 degrees out? That’s bad for a baby goat because they have no interest in standing, walking or nursing. Basically they are more likely to die because of failure to thrive. But Holly seems strong and to be doing well. Yay!!

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