1 became 3, became 5

This table runner for the weave along was supposed to just be one table runner! It went from one to two, to three, to five! (I knew when I got to the fourth I had enough for five…) Anyway, I’m really happy I completely miscalculated the second warp and ended up having enough for 4 instead of two on the green warp. Unfortunately the light in the house is a bit yellow which I have to correct for on the camera which ends up making the green runners look blue. But it’s all good. 🙂 I ended up changing around weft colors a couple of times. I used yellow rayon and

I’m quite pleased with them!! They are in the washing machine now. I’m always nervous about that, but it should be fine. Yay for cotton and not having to twist fringe. I’m so happy to be done. And now I have table runners to sell!! 🙂 I’m going to go work on putting some liners in hats now.


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