Snow. :)

It’s snowing. It’s BEEN snowing all day and I’m so happy. 🙂 I’ve been sitting on the couch with Ben, watching Dr. Who while knitting. The weather channel said they expect approx. 1 inch during the day and 1-2 inches overnight. Wooo!

I washed the red table runner (FINALLY!!!) And it feels AMAZING. I still have to finish weaving the second green one, but hopefully I’ll get that done this week! Well…I have to! I have to get some other stuff on there!

In other news, I wish the entire world had radiant floor heating. My feet are always cold and my head is always hot. Someone fix it.

We have been working steadily on our little cottage (aww! we have a cottage!). I’ve been hanging sheet rock and Ben’s building walls. He has to help me initially with putting the piece up and he measures to make sure it fits right and all but once it’s measured and two screws are holding it up, it’s all me and the Senco. (which would be the automatic screw gun that I get to use) The side walls for the bathroom are up now. We need to get more insulation though because we can’t finish sheet rocking until we have insulation. (Duh)

I finished Eragon. I love that book. I can’t believe I have to wait until at least Christmas to see if someone bought me the second one. Maybe I should just go look for it on Amazon and not tell….SHHHHH!! haha.

I went to a cookie swap yesterday with my mama, my sista-in-law and my mama-in-law. It was lots of fun and I ate way too many cookies. I made peanut butter cookies, mom made chocolate chip and Molly and Dana made cut out cookies with cream cheese frosting. I also got some chocolate chocolate chip cookies, molasses gingerbread cookies, M&M bar cookies, not to mention the cut out cookies that my sister made earlier this week. We are overflowing with a million cookies!!

My brotha-in-law, Byron, had a guitar recital last night. I was quite impressed with how well he did considering the fact that he had three days to learn the music he was playing because of a last minute change in the program and he’s only been playing for three months! There’s no way I could have done that when I’d only been playing for three months. He played Greensleeves. I was still playing the Itsy Bitsy Spider at that point! haha.

Anyway, this post is getting a bit ADD. So I’m going to stop now and enjoy the rest of the afternoon of snowy wonder. 😀


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