Pictures, pictures

Sorry I haven’t been good about posting as many things lately. I’ve been completely consumed with reading Eragon. And loving it.

Here are a few pictures of Zelda and Cedric: (Sorry they’re blurry)

Zelda is the whiter one on top and Cedric is brown.

This is Zelda. She looks like an oreo, but we already have two oreoes on the farm. One is a goat and one is a rabbit!

This is Cedric. 🙂 I had to get Molly to hold them for me because they wouldn’t hold still long enough for me to get pictures of them!

Gloria, their mama, had them all on her own. They came out to check and see if any of the goats were in labor only to find that Gloria had TWO babies in her stall with her! This is normal coming from that line of goats. Her mother, Naomi, would wait until everyone was gone to have her babies. With one birth, Naomi waited until everyone was gone and then had TRIPLETS! Gloria is a bit less extreme and does deign for mere humans to watch as she gives birth but do NOT mess with her when she is giving birth.

Anyway, some of the other second-time mamas are starting to gain weight. We also suspect that some of the teenagers (babies born at the beginning of this year) are bred as well. We’ll see in the spring! 7 births down, 18 more to go. Oh my.


2 thoughts on “Pictures, pictures

    • Yep! And who knows how many more twin kiddings there will be. Most first time mamas have just one baby (we have 10 first time mamas) but occasionally they’ll have two. So that means we could have up to…36 more baby goats running around! We’re gonna run out of names.

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