Yup. More baby goats.

I got another phone call yesterday about more baby goats. I’m so happy Molly calls me every time! šŸ™‚ We went ahead and named them. Twins. A boy and a girl. They’re names are Zelda and Cedric. We’re big nerds in the Bleasdale family. And we love every second of it.

Byron (my brother in law) is reading the Harry Potter books for the first time (although he’s seen most of the movies already) and he wanted to name the boy Hufflepuff but that was too long so I said we should name him Cedric instead because Ced was in Hufflepuff and a cool character and a good goat sounding name. Molly said she didn’t think that was a good idea because Cedric died but then I reminded her that we don’t keep boy goats we sell them as breeders so Cedric is really the perfect name because Cedric leaves/dies.

Zelda? Yes. Byron also named her. He said we had to name her that because she’s awesome looking and it’s an awesome name. So we did. And they actually sound good together.

Still waiting on Jet, Bashful, Barbita and Dory to have babies in the next few weeks/days. Floppsy, Ziggy, Brownie and Millie will have babies as well, but that will be in the springish because they just got bred about a month ago.

Anyway, I’ll try to remember to take pictures of Zelda and Cedric when I’m at the farm tomorrow. šŸ™‚

I have gotten absolutely nothing accomplished today as I have been reading Eragon all day. I think I’m at that point in the day where you decide nothing is getting accomplished so you may as well just enjoy being lazy for the rest of the afternoon.

Also it’s surprisingly cold and yet none of the snow that has been falling/flurying for the past day and a half has stuck. Jerk. Stick snow! Stick!!


2 thoughts on “Yup. More baby goats.

  1. I’m glad you’ve been relaxing and reading šŸ™‚ That’s super fun. I love the names! You guys are so creative. I’m going to let you in when I have babies and let you help my husband and I name them. Haha.

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