Studio work day

I spent most of the day (when not trying to remember how to use WordPress) working on getting the second table runner warp on my loom. I ended up breaking two ends but I’m not really worried about it. One of them didn’t pop out of the heddle so I was able to just tie it back together but the other one I’m having difficulty finding. So I’m just taking a break for now. My back’s a bit tired so I’m stopping for a bit.

While I’m resting my back, I’ll most likely be twisting fringe…still…I have half a side left and then I’m DONE. I’m planning on finishing that tonight. Then I can FINALLY wash it and see how it feels. YAY! 🙂

In other news we’re almost done with Dr. Who season 4 and I’m freaking out because I know the doctor regenerates in the 5th season and I’m just not ready. …haha. I’m a bit attached to the show.

Ben and I bought windows for our little house yesterday. It was pretty exciting. Ben’s uncle owns a window business and has extra windows left over from jobs or mistake orders and stuff so we were able to get them really cheap. We got a really nice front door too. He gave us two windows for free that were probably $300 each originally! (You should know that I definitely typed winder a second ago. Not like a bobbin winder. Winder like a hick saying window. haha) Anyway, we’re making steady progress on the house which is very good! And so exciting!


One thought on “Studio work day

  1. You’re using that pretty blue you posted earlier for your second table runner… is that right? So lovely! I’m excited to see how it comes out. Congrats on the WINDERS! I love your hick spelling 🙂 ❤

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