I finally got to take some pictures of baby Peach and mama Belle. 🙂

This is Peach. 🙂

She looks a lot like Olivia to me. Just a touch darker.

Belle is the mama. She’s doing pretty well!

This year’s babies all seem to have long hair! It’s weird because before this, most of our goats were short haired. We had…four with long hair.

Peach’s eye is a little watery. We’re watching her closely, but this sometimes happens to baby goats and they out grow it.

Peach is about…4 days old now. We weren’t even sure we’d keep Belle or breed her this year because she has a problem with her udder. (Which means she’s not so useful as a dairy goat) Only one side of the udder produces milk. This has caused several different complications for mama and baby. First of all, we won’t be able to milk Belle and will most likely have to sell her. 😦 We’re very attached to all our goats. But this is also a problem for Peach because she still needs the milk and the mama doesn’t produce enough for her to really get full. We are having to supplement Belle’s milk supply with another mama who lost her baby. We’ve had to do this before and it works well, but it also tends to cause problems for mothering because Peach knows she gets milk from more than one mama so she gets confused which mama she’s supposed to stay with during the day. Supplemental mama, Rocky Road, won’t care for her since Peach is not her baby. We have to put Rocky Road on the milking stantion and give her grain to allow Peach to be able to nurse. Once she’s weaned everything will be fine it just makes for a more involved baby. But that’s okay too because we all like getting to hold baby goats. 🙂


One thought on “Peach

  1. SO SWEET! AHHHH! JoAnna, I can’t stand it. They are so adorable and floofy! Poor Belle… I feel sad that she’s got udder problems, and nursing and mama problems. Poor things. I want to cuddle Peach! lol.

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