I feel like I’ve had nothing interesting to post lately. I’m completely stuck with weaving stuff right now. I’m still twisting fringe because I gave up on it for a while but then I remembered I have a deadline and need to get it done because I have to give it to someone!!

Some days I really struggle with wanting to be on the farm and wanting to work on my loom. I can’t do both at this point. It’s frustrating. I want to get the two table runners on my loom and off and weave a few more scarves. I also have several hats I’d like to knit too. But I only have three days a week to work on my loom and I have already used two of them this week. Anyway I’ll be back at the farm tomorrow. Tuesday it was raining A LOT so I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures.

We named the most recent baby goat Peach. She looks very much like Olivia. Another one of the mamas had a baby but it died. Historically she’s not consistently a good mother. She did okay last time but not before that. Anyway there are probably four more mama goats that are pregnant. Hopefully they’ll have their babies soon. 🙂


One thought on “Blah

  1. You are always interesting! And it always rains on Tuesdays. Okay, that's not true, but I feel like that sometimes. Peach – what a cute name! Aww I can't wait to hear what the other baby goat names are. You guys are so good at naming babies!

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