Day in the studio

I’ve been working all morning on winding off warp. I’m winding off enough for two more table runners. (on one warp) I’m about halfway done, but that’s because I stopped to run, eat lunch, talk to mom and Sarah (my sister) and post this!! I wanted to share pictures of the warp color though. I’m just using one color this time because I only have 8/2 mercerized cotton in one color. (Yup. It’s 8/2 cotton AND it’s mercerized. It’s harder than you think to find)

 I’m pretty happy with the color. Although, I did have to steal (Okay… took with permission) some from my mom’s cone of yarn. I didn’t have as much left as I thought. But that’s okay. I’m planning on using white as weft again. (I know. boring.) But I have a plan for one of these which I shall not speak of on here. Who knows who might be reading! haha. 😉 I’m SO happy that it’s COTTON! That means I can make fringe and NOT twist it! UNTHINKABLE! I’m soo happy. I may make one with fringe and one without…I’m not sure yet. Either way I’m pretty excited to finish winding off the warp and get going! 
Then I really do need to get back to making things for my inventory! Especially if I plan on doing a big craft show in the spring. (And I do) I’m trying to come up with interesting and unique ideas, patterns, textures, yarns, projects, etc. I have a few fun ideas of things to try. We’ll see if they actually work! 🙂 Okay. I’m going to finish winding off warp and perhaps start tying this bitch on. HA! (a bit hyper right now…must be a delayed endorphin rush…) All done. 

2 thoughts on “Day in the studio

  1. So pretty! I can't believe you are all excited to do 2 more, I can barely get through the first table runner, for cereal!! I can't wait to see the progress of these next ones. Oh, hey, I'm supposed to find out by like Wednesday if I got into the big craft show here. Cross your fingers!!

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