Fringe…The never-ending story.

Seriously. Never-ending. Okay, okay, I did take a two day break. But I’m STILL twisting fringe. There is no end. If I DO make another one of these (which I hope to) I may try it without fringe or in a cotton so I don’t have to twist the fringe. I do have some 8/2 cotton leftover from my culminating project but I’d like to overdye it with something because I’m tired of that particular blue and green together. haha. 🙂 I suppose I could bleach it and then dye it since it IS cotton….hmmmm….

Once I finally finish the fringe I think this table runner will be lovely. Also I think I need to beat harder. I think that may also have something to do with why my pattern looks more rectangular than it should. Bah. I have very little motivation to do anything today. I hate waking up late. Yup. 8:30am is late for me. Blah. If I get up some motivation I may wind off warp to dye for another table runner. Okay. Back to fringe for now.


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