Grrr…An update.

I got home from the farm last night and my mom informed me that the cat (not my cat…) had eaten the two ends of my warp that had broken while I was winding on and I had weighted off the back of my loom. Grrrrr!! Now I’ll have knots showing up in the warp! How frustrating! And the ends are right next to each other so there will be a BIG knot whenever I weave that far. Blah…. 😦

Not much news from the farm. We’re all cleaning and working hard to get it ready for Thanksgiving, as is custom every year. I ended up painting the door to the mud room and also painting the green house. Actually, I painted the mud room door green and the green house white. HA! …Okay. Not funny. Oh well. I also ran goat preschool again yesterday. No new pictures. 😦 Sorry. Forgot the camera. BUT! I think I mentioned that Olivia had hurt her leg the other day (maybe not…). Well it’s completely better and she was even jumping a little. 🙂 She’s not a very bold goat yet. But she’s SO adorable. And I think she remembers me because she doesn’t fuss when I try to hold her. Actually, she fell asleep when I was holding her yesterday. 🙂 Awwwww!

OH! Big news! I hadn’t mentioned this before because I get nervous to mention stuff just in case it doesn’t happen for sure. I sold my second loom! 🙂 One of the girls from the fibers dept. (Ella. Used to be a clay major, just switched to fibers) had texted me a while back and told me she was looking at a Leclerc loom online and was thinking about buying it for $4000 dollars. AHH!! It had crossed my mind that I could sell my second Mac and just buy another one later to upgrade to 8 shafts. But when she told me she was looking for a loom, I started thinking more seriously about it. Anyway, I ended up offering to sell it to her. So she came over and looked at it and decided she wanted it! I sold it to her for a good price AND we delivered it. She’s had a rough couple of weeks. She had mono and totaled her car and had to completely re-design her scarf set project and buy all new yarns. Ben and I hadn’t been up to the craft center since May so we thought we’d offer to deliver the loom and then just stop in and see who was in the studios. It was fun. 🙂 We got to talk to some of Ben’s wood buddies and see what they’re working on this semester. There wasn’t anyone in the fibers studio that I know really so I didn’t go in. (Well…Jess, but I didn’t want to talk to her…lol) Anyway, it was good just to be there even if it was only for a little while. I miss it SO much.

I am going to go find some breakfast and then probably go weave for a bit. 🙂 I can’t wait to see what this table runner looks like once it’s DONE!!! I’m so excited! I want to make another one. haha.

2 thoughts on “Grrr…An update.

  1. Oh silly kitty! They love yarn/string so much. I'm sorry she ate some of your warp. That SUCKS. And I'm glad Olivia is feeling better. I LOVE how you know all their names. And I can't wait to meet them! I was thinking about that today. 🙂 I'm glad everything worked out with selling your loom. I lurves you.

  2. I know! Kitties are silly. I was able to fix it pretty easily though so that's good.I'M silly for loving the baby goats so much. 🙂 Since there are only 8 of them right now, I can still keep them straight. It will get more difficult when there's more like…50! (Which could potentially happen this year) Scary. I'm ALSO glad it worked out with selling my loom. 🙂 Ella seemed quite happy with it so that's good. I'm glad it went to a good home. I loove you too, sweet friend!! Oh also: I can't wait for you to meet the goats too! haha. 🙂

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