Curry yarn

Here’s the finished product of my curry/yarn soup last night. (haha)

It looks quite like curry. I love the results! 🙂 I washed it in the machine to ensure that if it was going wash out, it would. I read somewhere (Maybe on Sandra Rude’s blog??) that cellulose fibers dry 4 shades lighter. I’d say that’s about accurate. I’m still quite happy though. I wasn’t even sure if the color would stick since I didn’t mordant the Tencel first but it did! Goodness was the smell STRONG though. The yarn doesn’t smell like curry. Just the rest of the house. It was the same thing when I tried tea dyeing. Gracious. My entire tiny apartment smelled like boiled grass. GROSS! And I love tea! But there is such thing as too much of something good. And that was it. 🙂 I’m pretty excited about trying more natural dyes. I have a book somewhere on natural dyeing but I can’t seem to find it right now. Blah. This lovely yarn may be what I use as weft for the weave a long. If I can just get the motivation to go tie on, I’ll be ready to weave! …Hmm…motivation….


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