Threading, threading, threading!

I have spent nearly the entire day threading!! But I’m finally done! I think I’m going to save tying on and winding for another day. I’m a bit sick of looking at the warp right now. haha. 🙂 So that will happen Friday, most likely.

The threading sequence. I wrote it down on a piece of paper. It repeats 5 times in my warp.

Here’s my loom all ready for threading. I fold down the back and put my little, padded stool right up next to the loom. It’s actually really convenient because you can get so close to the heddles. Not much reaching involved.

I had to use an Ott light so I could see the difference between the two colors I was threading. It’s hard to see in normal, incandescent lighting.

I do get some natural light in my “studio” in the afternoons. I love that time of day. 🙂

I’m back at the farm tomorrow; most likely back in the goat maternity ward. *lol* I love it though. It makes me want my own herd of animals. Either sheep or angora goats…or both… 😀


One thought on “Threading, threading, threading!

  1. I LOVE weaving in the afternoon. The sun is just perfect, it makes everything beautiful. I'm so glad to finally see your setup, I still can't get over how huge your loom is! Your threading sequence confuses me and I have to do the same thing! I am only got halfway through threading the reed today, NO idea when I'll be abel to sit down and get back to work on it again, sad face.

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