My secret weapon

I totally forgot to mention this ages ago! I have a secret weapon I use when winding off warp. Since there isn’t room in my little “studio” to hang my warping board on the wall (or mount it on a shelf like I had when we lived in Tech Village) I have to put it on the floor. That’s all well and good but cones of yarn don’t like to pull off nicely from the side. They need to be below the warping board or on a cone spindle to pull off from the top and not fall over. Well I didn’t want to buy a spindle and I didn’t have a paper towel holder either (which I had considered using at one point). So this is what I came up with:

Ta da!! Behold my secret weapon! A Chaco box! They’re wonderful! I’m so glad I never threw this away.

See they have these great holes in the side (which becomes the top) so when I’m winding off warp, I stick the cone in the box, pull the end through the hole and the box remains upright and the yarn pulls off easily! Jeanne always used to tell us that weavers were resourceful people. 🙂

Oh also Chaco boxes are made from really sturdy cardboard so they don’t fall apart easily. I also discovered that this method prevents fiber dust from floating around in the air for me to breathe in. When I opened the box to take the cone out the last time (and several times before) I saw a pile of fluff lying around the cone. Tencel sheds horribly. That’s my only real complaint about it. Otherwise I love it. 🙂


3 thoughts on “My secret weapon

  1. Sweet! I'll have to take pictures of my setup. I had to hang the warping board in the laundry room and make a cone spindle thingy. The thing was super easy to make, I just screwed some dowel rods into a long narrow panel and that sits below the warping board. I commend you on being resourceful though! Way to think outside of the box…. or inside it? lol

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