It’s a good thing I started counting heddles because I just had to go through and move around a bunch of them so that each shaft would have enough for this pattern!! Also I’m so thankful at this moment that I have a Macomber because this process would have taken much longer on a LeClerc simply because of the way they are designed.

I’m still all confused on exactly what I want to use for the weft color. But i’ll figure it out soon enough. It’s probably just going to take a bit of sampling at the beginning. 🙂 well off to threading.


2 thoughts on “Heddles

  1. Haha glad you counted!! I have NO idea how to add or remove heddles on my loom, hopefully I'll get a new loom before I ever have to do that. I am going to start threading soon too! Take PICS!!

  2. Are you thinking about getting another loom? Well…somewhere down the road? I had to take a break from threading. It's such a long threading sequence and I have SO many ends! The sequence repeats almost 5 times on my warp. I probably should have tried something slightly less ambitious. haha.

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