So I was reading Weaving Today’s newsletter a couple of weeks ago and Madelyn van der Hoogt was answering a question and mention substitutions of yarn. I have been trying to figure out exactly where 20/2 silk fits in comparison to a cotton or a rayon. I tried setting it like you would a 20/2 cotton and that was WAY too tight for what I used it for, a scarf. You couldn’t even tell it was silk. Anyway, Madelyn said that it is most similar to 8/2 Tencel. I definitely should have known that since I’ve actually substituted 8/2 Tencel in a project for 20/2 silk. Duh….I thought I’d post about this because it was really helpful to me. I now have better idea how to use the silk in my stash without having to sample. YAY. 🙂

In other news, as much as I absolutely love wool and other thick yarns, I have desperately missed using wonderful, soft Tencel and silk and other thin yarn. I’m quite excited to be weaving small again after a thick yarn/loose sett phase. Okay. I’m done.


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