Garlic plants

Who knew you planted garlic in the fall right before it gets cold? I didn’t that’s for sure! We planted these a few weeks ago and they’re just now coming up. I believe we’ll be able to harvest them early in the summer. 🙂

I love the color of the garlic plants! It’s very vibrant and different from spring plants. Spring and summer crops seem to be a darker green while this is almost a yellow. 🙂 I have some yarn that color, actually! (Yup. I’m a nerd)

Actually while gathering grasses and shrubs for the goats to eat the other day I found a lovely color combination. I was gathering a mixture of dead grasses and some that was still greenish. And the colors were just lovely together! I’d like to do something with that color combination. I’ll have to contemplate it a bit more until I come up with something I want to make with it. Perhaps a table runner?! haha. 🙂


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