More baby goats!

I have been at the farm almost everyday this week because about half of the goats are just about ready to have babies. It was a really good thing I was there yesterday! Brad and Dana (my in-laws) were gone to the farmer’s market. I was at home (the farm) with Byron and Molly (bro and sis in law). Molly and I went out to check the goats to make sure they had water and food, etc. At which point we discovered that one of the new mamas that was born earlier this year was in labor! We both freaked out a bit, but we moved her into a stall, called B and D and they talked us through the delivery. Molly did SO well! She assisted the mama in birthing the baby. Molly had to pull on the baby a bit because the mama was really small and the baby was a bit big. But the baby is healthy thus far and absolutely ADORABLE!! 🙂 The mama’s name is Prissy and the baby is Snowflake, a girl.

Mama and baby.


Snowflake. 🙂 After she was all dried off.

Sweet baby! 🙂

Anyway, hopefully this week I’ll be able to get back to weaving and crafty things. 🙂 I can’t wait!

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