Splitting wood

Basically all I’ve done today is split wood. I’m pretty tired. I’d like to go home and get that blanket warp off the loom. Maybe tomorrow. We’ll see.

I feel so dumb. I totally forgot that my brother has a lathe in my parents garage which is currently surrounded by wood chips. So I’ll probably go home and bottle some of those up. I need to get more rubbing alcohol though. It honestly would probably be cheaper to buy some crappy vodka. Ha ha. If I have time I might do that.



2 thoughts on “Splitting wood

  1. Do it! And send me another package so that I have something to look forward to after the first one gets here 🙂 Emma needs to freaking respond so we can start that weavealong!

  2. I'm getting really excited about the wood chips! 🙂 I checked the ones I put in yesterday and the colors are already starting to leech out. And YES! I want her to too!! haha. I'm getting really excited about the table runner idea! I'm already planning color schemes in my head.

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