I spent a couple of hours planning future projects. One being the weave-a-long that I’m participating in (and REALLY excited about!!!!!) and the others being things I can weave quickly, easily and sell as a lower end item. I had forgotten that there was a pattern on Weavezine for bookmarks! So I’m planning on doing that. I just needed the basic info like sett, yarn, number of ends, etc and I’ll probably tweak it a little.

I also re-read the article about thrum coasters. I’d like to try that as well, but since I don’t have any Harrisville wool lying around (boy do I wish I did!!! *sigh*) I’ll probably use cotton. Come to think of it…I really need to buy more cotton…I’m running a little low after I wove 6 messenger bags! hmmm…..

Anyway, so those are my plans for now. I also want to get some wool or use some of the lace weight stuff I have and weave a collapse weave project. It’s SO cool and fun! And it’s just plain weave so it’s easy.

Hmm…I also want to weave a double weave blanket. Since this blanket project I currently have is not going how I thought it would, I want to redeem myself by making another one that’s actually a BLANKET! There’s a great project in one of the Handwoven’s I got (I think it’s like May/June or something) for a double width blanket. I think they use Harrisville yarn (AGAIN! It’s everywhere! …Except in my stash) but I could substitute something else of a similar weight.

Okay. This was a random post but I like to have my thoughts on projects recorded somewhere. 🙂 And my blog just happens to have this great archive feature.

PS: I also have been thinking about getting some Maysville Carpet Warp and making clutch bags like I did with my intro sampler. 🙂 Funny story: My mom and my sister and I all took intro to fibers at completely different times and all of us unknowingly made clutch bags with our intro weaving samplers.


3 thoughts on “Plans

  1. Sounds like you have some great ideas for projects. I would LOVE to make a blanket- that runner I made with left over wool for my footstool NEEDS to be a blanket. I don't know if we'll end up doing that double wide one on the weavealong (SOOOO EXCITED!!!) so you should just give me the info so I can do it too 🙂

  2. I get torn between shows on Mondays. How I met your Mother or Chuck? Castle or Hawaii 5-0? Theres another one that I'm forgetting. Since I'm with the fam it was Hawaii 5-0. 🙂

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