Art Prowl went well! I sold one felted hat yesterday and I got a commission for a black beret which I actually already have made! I just didn’t have it in the shop because there wasn’t enough room for everything. So that’s pretty good. 🙂 I’ll deliver the beret Monday.

I have finished threading, tying on, winding and tying on again on the blanket warp. I’m a bit concerned about shrinkage though. I usually figure 10% but with wool it’s probably more like 15-20%…That would make the blanket a measly 39″ wide… 😦 SO now I’m considering felting the thing once I weave it and making it a shawl instead! We’ll see what happens. It would felt beautifully I’m sure, but then there’s the concern that it may be stiff…which would suck. I could also just leave it as yardage and make something out of it. GAAAAHH! So many options! 🙂 I guess I’ll just have to see what happens after I take it off the loom. My other option was to weave a double weave blanket. I may do that with the Simply Soft beret leftovers I’m storing up for a wider piece.

I’m super excited.

Bahhh! It looks so cool!

My back is tired. But I have been keeping track of my time really well on this warp and it look me….5 and a half hours from winding the warp off to tying onto the front apron. That’s pretty good time. Now if I can just remember to check my watch when I’m weaving!! 🙂 I suppose I’ll find out next week if I like weaving wide! You’ll have to stay tuned!


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