Prowling around

Here are some pictures I took at Art Prowl! It felt different because my work was in a gallery which was run by the gallery owner. So I didn’t have to be there with my work the whole time. I was able to actually walk around with my mom and sister. 🙂 Lots of fun!!

Our little demo space. 🙂

The warp we demo-ed. I like this much better than the undulating twill that I demoed last time. The sett is more suited to plain weave and it shows off the hand painted warp better.

Mom tweeking some things in our space.

The finished product! I like having my stuff in a store somewhere. It’s nice.


Can’t remember her name…Lori maybe??

Russ Jacobson.

Nan Jacobson.

Stiv Mackey.

My scarf basket is full!

Mom’s beautiful and intricate knitted/beaded bags. 

Art Prowl van! These vehicles are all over town to promote the Prowl.

Where we have our work!

Steven Spicer’s shop/gallery. Alex Schwartz has some work there.

More Sadie Wong. She works primarily in metals/jewelry but does some work in glass as well because she’s Kurt Brock’s SO (significant other).

That’s just a sampling of pictures. I wish I would have taken pictures at every stop! My favorite locations were the one where the VAS students had their work (duh! I got to see my friends!) and Brad Sells’ gallery: The Bark Gallery. Thom from glass has an octopus there. 🙂


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