Here goes…something…?

I have been saying for over a year that I’m going to make a blanket. I’ve done calculations MANY times for one using many different yarn combinations. Well…Here goes!

It happened on a whim. I got up this morning and was feeling completely unmotivated to finish weaving the tencel gauze sample I had on the loom. I basically discovered that it wasn’t going to work and didn’t feel like finishing it at all on Monday OR Wednesday…I decided a while back that if a warp is making me stay away from my loom and not want to weave, I need to get rid of it. Even if it wastes yarn. So I did. I cut it off (thankfully it was only a two yard warp though!) and wound the warp for this lovely palindrome striped blanket which I am SO excited to be working on! I’m trying really hard this time to keep track of my hours and how long everything is taking. I’ll probably keep this one but I’d like to know how long it took so I can weave more and know how much to sell them for.

I’m using worsted weight wool on cones from Webs. (It’s a closeout and they don’t have much left….sad day) I’ve sett it at 6epi and have a total of 288 ends totaling in 48″ wide and 4 yards long. This should make for a good sized throw. I’m thinking it’ll be waffle weave since wool seems to pair very well with this pattern. The outer stripes are 8″ wide and the middle one is 16″. When I’m done, I’ll probably end up tying onto the middle stripe to weave more scarves. I just needed a break from scarves!!!!! I’m so excited to be using the full width of my loom. 🙂 This is the first time I’ve done that! Hopefully I’ll be able to work on it a lot next week! For now I’m off to get ready for Art Prowl!!


3 thoughts on “Here goes…something…?

  1. AHH!! I'm so excited for you! This is going to be awesome and I totally want to make one. We should do that for our first weaving thing. I am working on a table runner for my mom and it's just not working out the way I wanted. The shadow weave is not the right pattern at all. I have stayed away from my loom since Sunday and just now untied it to fix it. It's going to be so freaking much work, but I want to be happy with it!

  2. Yes!! I would love for this to be one of the projects we do together! 🙂 I totally understand wanting to be satisfied with the table runner. I'd want that too especially if I was giving it to someone!

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