Happy First November Post!

Happy November! Although it’s not as good as October, I’m still happy to see it here. 🙂 A while back (as in when we were still in school this spring) I asked Ben to build me a bobbin winder. Okay, it was actually around this time last year that we discussed Ben and his dad building me a bobbin winder….But this spring is when we were both actually in the studio together and he said, “Hey I can build that you know.” So he did! And it’s lovely! The problem is we didn’t have a spindle/shaft to put on it. Well as of yesterday, I have one of those too! We have a friend that is basically apprenticing under a metal worker in town (Steven Spicer is the metal worker. He actually has a degree in glass from the craft center, but did metals on the side. He now has a high end jewelry shop/gallery in Cookeville.) Anyway, I asked our friend if he would be able to make a tapered spindle out of this steel rod I had. He said yes, but how long did I need it because he only had a small watch maker’s lathe to work on. When I told him it didn’t need to be very long at all, he agreed and said he’d have it to me sometime this week, probably. I was so excited!!

Well he gave me the spindle yesterday and it’s LOVELY and will work perfectly, from what Ben tells me. We were concerned at first that it might be too short, but it turns out it’s just fine. It probably COULD be longer, but it will definitely get the job done.

I can’t remember what type of wood Ben used. I believe it’s mahogany. He used a lot of mahogany shorts from the school’s wood store last semester so that’s most likely what it is. 🙂 It’s beautiful though. So now we have to find a wheel/pulley system to attach to the spindle once it’s through the wood base. He designed it based on the Schacht bobbin winder. We have started calling them wobbin binders for fun. 🙂 Say it. Out loud. It’s just fun to say. haha. He was saying the other day, “I could just make and sell wobbin binders!” and I said yes he could. I still want him to make me a shuttle some day. I’d really love a shuttle made from dogwood. I read in a book a while ago that they used to use dogwood to make most weaving tools. Maybe someday. 🙂


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