Goodbye October

I’m sad to see October go as it is my favorite month of the year! So much has happened this month!! And I’m excited to see what next month brings. More craft festivals, hopefully and more weaving!! I’ve been knitting more than weaving lately. I’ve decided that since I have more than one craft to do I have to focus on them separately. So I’ll knit for a while and then weave for a while. I have been knitting so that I’ll be able to weave though. I’m planning on using the left over hat yarn to weave…something. I can’t wait!! I only have two hats left to knit! Which means I’ve already knitted up 8!

I started the second to last one just tonight. Hopefully I’ll be done with those sometime this week. I still have to decide what I’m doing with the warp on the demo loom. Am I going to weave it up and put a new one on by this weekend? Or just leave it on and weave it up at Art Prowl? Don’t know yet. I’m sleepy right now and probably shouldn’t be making any decisions even if it’s a fairly small one. 🙂

I think I’m off to bed for now. Hopefully my posts will be more interesting this week. Happy Last Day of October! And happy Halloween.


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