My birthday weekend!!

It was a lovely weekend. šŸ™‚ Friday night (the day before my birthday) was the celebration with my family. We went to Red Lobster and had all you can eat shrimp. If you know me well, you know that I generally dislike seafood…of pretty much all kinds. Shrimp is the one exception to my dislike of seafood. I had been craving good shrimp for a while so that’s what we decided. It was lots of fun. I basically gave up after one plate but Ben and my bro made me get more so we could take it home. I did not eat any of the second portion. I actually didn’t even finish the first portion. Anyway, it was lots of fun. šŸ™‚

We ate a lot of shrimp!

My brother poked a hole in my take home box. For some reason I yelled, “NOOOOO!” after he poked it…I’m not really sure why it upset me. And we all laughed at me for the next 5 minutes about it.

Ben built a shrimp tent. Which my sister was then captured in. haha.

I looooove him. šŸ™‚

Then on Saturday (My actual birthday) my mama and sister-in-law took me on a mystery adventure. They called me and said, “Be ready to go somewhere and dress up a little bit.” That’s it. They had been talking about this for like 3 weeks or something. It a big surprise and my 13 year old sister in law is the one who came up with the idea!! (I tell ya, this kid is SMART! haha) anyway, we left Spencer around 11:30ish that morning and drove to Sparta. They took me to an adorable little tea room right down town! We had a delicious lunch. I had a chicken salad sandwich (my favorite “chick food”) and a wonderful cup of potato soup and carrot cake for dessert. The only sad part was that the focus of the tea room was not tea. When I asked for a list of their teas the woman said, “Oh we just have a basket that you fish through and pull out a bag you like.” šŸ˜¦ At the tea room that used to be in Cookeville it was ALL about tea. And it was always loose leaf tea. But I was able to move past that and simply enjoy the company I was with. šŸ™‚

There was an adorable antique store attached to the tea room so when we had finished lunch we browsed to our hearts content. These are all a bit out of order, but I’m sick of trying to fight the photo up loader.

Cute little antique store.

Loved this sign on the wall in the tea room.

The entrance to the tea room.

Lovely tea room. šŸ™‚

By far my favorite fin
d in the antique store. They’re antique wood working hand planes. I asked Ben about them and he said that they have one at school like these that they actually still use.

Mushrooms! They were cute and comical.

I found more mushrooms.

I love blue glass.

I want something like this someday. Especially for my tea.

Lovely antique easel.

Adorable green fondue pot!!

Mustard tin.

I really liked this lamp!

My sister-in-law looking at antiques.

The lovely Miss Marenda’s Tea Room.

Anyway, it was a LOVELY day. I don’t know any other way of describing it. šŸ™‚ We all said (mom in law, sis in law, grandma in law and great grandma in law…and me) that we should have tea room outings at least once a month. It was so fun!!

I suppose I’m “back to the real world” today. I went to bed with a headache and woke up with a headache. I have a bunch of errands to run and more laundry to do. (I did three big loads of laundry yesterday but I didn’t get sheets or towels washed. Ugh) Blah. The “joys” of being 24 and an adult. Can I just be a kid again? šŸ™‚ I sound whiny, but I’m really quite happy today. It rained last night and so everything smells and feels wonderful. I suppose I should actually get off the couch and start my day.


One thought on “My birthday weekend!!

  1. So glad you had such a wonderful birthday! I love all the pictures. Too bad the tea room didn't really have tea, that's lame, at least they had yummy food šŸ™‚

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