Dyeing with cimmamon

I had the strange opportunity to dye some wool yarn with cinnamon this past week:

This strange opportunity came about while my mother and I were unintentionally attempting to poison ourselves with toxic fumes. 🙂

Mom bought some Rit Dye Remover to try on some solid black, silk scarves she got from a friend. She wanted to do a discharge sort of technique on them but bleach did absolutely nothing and she didn’t want to wait for Thiox (which I assume we could have found at Pro Chem) so she tried the dye remover instead. The package says to simmer on the stove for 10-30 minutes with good ventilation. Since she was attempting an itajime clamped technique as well, she didn’t want to use the stove. We used the microwave instead. Well…it turns out that the whole good ventilation thing isn’t JUST for the toxic fumes that may hit your lungs. It’s probably also partially due to the fact that it smells terrible. (Allison or Emma: Do you remember how bad Thiox smelled in Surface 1?!) So now the microwave smelled terrible. And also, the bag that we had the scarf/clamp deal in spilled in the microwave so we had to clean that up. We used Windex because that was the closest cleaning substance.

It only added to the horrible smell…SO we decided to run cinnamon water through the microwave to make it smell better. It went for about 2 minutes and I said (as I often do about MANY things), “I bet you could dye with that.” I grabbed some white wool I had and stuck it in the pot. When I Kool Aid dye, I usually end up microwaving the yarn or whatever for about 6 minutes. (2 minutes on, 2 minutes off. so a total of 12 minutes for the entire dye process) I figured I should probably do the same for this cinnamon bath too. Cinnamon water gets very interesting after 6 minutes in the microwave. It’s no longer cinnamon water. It becomes cinnamon syrup, basically. It’s kinda gross and weird. While I was rinsing the yarn out, it kept slipping out of my hands because the cinnamon mixture was so slippery! Weird…Anyway, I like the results. It’s a lovely color. Very fall-like, I think. 🙂 Now I just have to figure out what to use it with…


2 thoughts on “Dyeing with cimmamon

  1. I've used that RIT dye remover when I screwed up my sis-in-laws wedding dress earlier this year. She wanted a really really subtle color that I just couldn't get right. I ended up using it in the washing machine (which luckily was outside on the porch) and WHOA it smelled horrible! I had to hold my breath every time I used it. I can't even imagine in the microwave! Gross. Well I love the indirect results (the cinnamon yarn) Does it still smell good like dying with coffee smells like coffee for weeks?

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