Synthetics *shiver*

I am currently attempting to dye 100% polyester yarn. I’ve tried almost everything on this stuff to dye it and nothing has worked. My mom has some Dharma Pigment dyes that I decided to try. This is some seriously cool stuff. It’s pigment but the consistency is that of a liquid allowing you to use them as dyes as well as printing pigments if you so desire. 🙂

I have used them once before on some rayon yarn. The colors faded quite a bit to more of a stonewashed color but I was kinda expecting that since the info on the website says it will most likely fade when rinsing. The colors tend to stick better on 100% silk. My mom uses this stuff to dye silk scarves which always turn out beautifully. Anyway I’ll let you know what my results are. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Synthetics *shiver*

  1. Ick I know!! The only reason why I'm trying to use it is because I have 17 cones of the stuff. And it was free…. I originally thought about making upholstery fabric out of it cause there's so much of it!!

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