Pigment dye results

Here are the results from my pigment dye experiment:



So the yellow flower print fabric is probably my favorite. I dunked it in the dye bath squeezed it a few times so the dye would totally soak through and then squeezed out the excess dye and put it in the dryer on the drying rack. The way the fabric dried left “wrinkles”. It looks SO cool! The “after” piece has been ironed and the lovely wrinkle shapes remain. I’m quite happy with it.

The red yarn….Oh dear. There’s just nothing that can beat this stuff!! It was COMPLETELY black when I put it in the dryer. Now? It’s red…AGAIN! And it’s stiff…(side effect of using pigment dyes) It may soften up when woven, and at least SOME color managed to stick to it, but it’s still not great. I didn’t scour it AT ALL though. I just soaked for a few minutes in some water while I prepared the dye bath and then threw it in. So perhaps that would make a difference. It has an interesting variegated effect now so that’s something. I guess I will just have to keep trying. I was reading Syne Mitchell’s blog on Weavezine the other day and she was talking about disperse dyes on polyester. Perhaps I’ll try to get my hands on some disperse dyes. I just want this red yarn to be usable!! I’ve bleached it (in PURE bleach) and nothing happened. I’ve thrown it in every type of dye bath I have access to, (kool aid, MX dyes, pigment dyes, etc.) And nothing works. I am completely determined to be able to over dye that red! It just might take some time. I have not attempted Rit dye yet, but it says on the package that it’s not recommended for 100% polyester so it probably will not work despite the fact that Rit is a union dye. 😦 Well anyway, at least I got SOME color, right? Even though it’s as stiff as straw…Okay, limp grass.

In the meantime, I’m going back to work on my alpaca scarf.
PS: I’m looking at looms again….


2 thoughts on “Pigment dye results

  1. Too bad about the yarn. Maybe something you don't expect will work? I love the pigment dye on the fabric. It looks great! does it work easily? How much does it cost vs. how much you need to dye?

  2. It ends up being about the same I think. Maybe a little more but it doesn't require any other chemicals. The ratio is like two parts dye to four parts water, I think. And it doesn't need any activator because it's pigment. It's good for quick and dirty dye jobs. Occasionally it makes the fabric stiff but generally if you wet the fabric and add water it doesn't end up stiff. They do make a chemical softener you can get if you're really unhappy with the results but sometimes not even that works.

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