The knitted scarf.

I have been working on a knitted scarf for the past couple of days. I found a pattern on that looked really interesting. It was for a vertical striped scarf. Knitting can only be done two ways: In the warp direction or the weft direction. And warp knitting can only be done on a machine…(Or else using loopers on your hands, but that doesn’t really count.) Hand knitting is done in the weft direction (The loops connect to the loop next to it) All this to say, generally getting vertical stripes is more complicated. I was pretty excited about my pattern. It was all knit stitch and the chick that wrote it says it comes out to be something like 6 feet long! Big, chunky, warm scarf! Sign me up!

She also said gauge is not important in this project. Well I guess I didn’t read the pattern closely enough once I read that. I accidentally used size 11 needles (which are pretty big) instead of size 10 needles (which aren’t that much smaller, but it apparently makes a big difference) I knitted the whole thing on a circular needle because you have to cast on something like 250 stitches. It was all bunched up the entire time I was knitting so I had no idea how long it really was…Well…As I was casting off it became apparent that it was longer than six feet….When folded in half, this scarf is the same height as me. Which means it’s actually closer to 10 feet long. ACK!!! A 10 foot long scarf?! What am I gonna do with that?!

At the farm after I finished the scarf. You can’t see it, but the scarf is hanging down below my hips. It’s. Long.

I may attempt to cut it in half and make two scarves that are slightly less ridiculous in size. 🙂 But I like the pattern other than that. 🙂 Experiments are good…and checking what size needle you’re supposed to use for a pattern is even better. Lesson learned.


One thought on “The knitted scarf.

  1. lol I love it! That is so funny that its so very long! I looks lovely, though. My mom has a ridiculously long scarf and its funny and okay. So even if you don't cut it, it's okay 🙂

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