Alpaca on the loom

A preview of the scarf I started today:

I’m pretty stinkin’ excited. I was originally thinking I’d do a color and weave effect with this yarn, but I really liked the idea of a simple plaid so I went with that instead. 🙂 It’s SO SOFT!!!!! I can’t wait to see what it’s like once I wash it. I’ll keep you posted.
PS: I still like weaving better than knitting…


3 thoughts on “Alpaca on the loom

  1. Tara – it would be easier to rub on your face once it's off the loom. 🙂 but it'll feel so good once it is!!! I can't wait. Allison – thanks!! I've only woven about 10 ish inches because I have to beat so carefully and slowly. It annoys me and I'm hoping it'll be worth it!! I'm trying SO hard to beat consistently!!! Ha ha. Did you figure out tying on??

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